7 ways to increase website traffic

increase website trafficIf your first starting out in internet marketing or even if you been doing it for a while, you know getting website traffic is one of the most difficult things for you to grasp, so i put together 7 ways to increase website traffic.

#1 Write 10 350 word keyword enriched articles around your website.

#2 Join Fiverr.com and post a few gigs. In turn others will see your gig and get you traffic.

#3 Submit your images to Google to get that extra traffic.

#4 Set up google alerts to inform you of any new posts relating to your keywords and post on those blogs 1st to get more traffic.

#5 Post at least 5 informative comments on 5 different popular forums.

#6 Contribute a free report to a jv Giveaway to get more traffic.

#7 Have a guest blogger write an article on your blog with a link back to their blog.

Hope you enjoy these 7 ways to increase website traffic but always remember you will never get this traffic unless you go out and do them.