East Coast Wings Review

East Coast Wings

East Coast Wings in Salisbury NC has got to be the worst restaurant to be employed with.

So here is my review for East Coast Wings

I actually loved working there the first few days, but as time went by it wasn’t so great anymore.

I really loved working with the other servers and even the cooks were great but the management had to of been the worst experience in my life.

From the time i started there was no type of direction or management at all.

Both the managers are pompous jerks.

Very rude and one of which has no personality at all.

So i came into work at East Coast Wings and i noticed my hours were cut short.

When i asked why my hours were cut the answer was, you are not fit for this job and your attitude was not fit for the job.

I was told i was to friendly with people and to professional for their standards.

Come on now, what restaurant tells you that.

So my last table of the night came in around 8:30 P.M.

A Lady and her husband ordered some wings.

The first batch was overcooked so i apologized to table and let them know i would make sure i would get them a fresh batch of wings.

I then go to the back and make sure i communicated with the expediter.

I explained the first order that went out was overcooked and needed a fresh order.

It took about 20 minutes for the second order to come out.

When they did, i brought the wings back to the table and the customers said they were still cold.

For one there is no way to check myself if the wings were even hot or not so it made me look bad because i’m the one that brought out the food.

So my conclusion is that the management has no communication and blames everyone else for there lack of management abilities.

So on that note. Please stay away from this East Coast Wings.

This place is a dump and management has no care in the world for their customers.