Good Criticism VS Bad Criticism

Dont Mind CriticismCritique me please.

Is there a difference between good criticism and bad criticism?

I don’t think so. I think it is how the person perceives it.

Your probably thinking what the heck are you talking about Craig.

Let me explain.

Most people take bad criticism as someone bashing you and just plain out being rude.

Where good criticism is someone being nice about it.

To me there both the same.

Now you want to know why, right!

Lets use an example here.

It’s hard for someone not to be mad when someone criticizes your work and tells you how crappy your work is.

Where if someone was complimenting you on your work you would be happy right.

I dont think there is a such thing as good criticism.

That would be more of a compliment don’t you think.

Getting criticism on your work is always a good thing.

No matter if there rude about it or not.

Sometimes you need someone to be blunt and honest with you or your work.

Don’t get offended. Just take it with a dose of salt and suck it in.

Just improve on it.

People call good criticism, constructive criticism but either way criticism is criticism.

Like i said before it is all on how you take it.

I like when someone bashes something i have done.

It just shows me i need to improve those things.

I take it more or less because most of the time the person criticizing me is more experienced than me and knows better.

So of course i take it well.

But for those of you that don’t take it well and lash out.

Go take a chill pill and relax. Its just criticism.

Honestly, i just thank the person and ask for there help. There more inclined to help you because you took there criticism well.