Lead Skimmer Review


Lead Skimmer is the newest technology outThe Lead Skimmerthere on the net right now and I was able to get a first hand look at the lead skimmer

Geoff Stephen sent me an email telling me of his new Lead Skimmer Product. I operate a number of websites & wanted to see how this new lead skimmer funnel would work. The first thing I noticed was it wont even allow you to have access to the website information until they have been run through an opt-in squeeze page and confirm your real email address. I wanted to know more. So since I was a Director member at Global NPN already I got free access to this very unique system.

So far I have put 203 leads into my lead funnel in 24 hours.

Here are some of the things the Lead Skimmer does:

Builds your list exponentially, 3X faster than you can now, with REAL opt-in quality leads.

Generates exponentially increasing income through the site, through GlobalNPN, and of course through your list that it’s building for you (at 3X the speed!)

It will build your OWN contact lists (not the company’s), supporting Aweber, Getresponse, and NPN’s MMPro contact lists.

It’s FREE to use with a complete “no brainer” upgrade option, which allows you to earn through the site OR through GlobalNPN. (ie. you either make a sale, or you get a new Director in your downline!)

As an NPN Director (or higher), you will already be qualified as a “Premium” member – no upgrade required for you :) .

Uses my own proprietary “Skim3” software which takes care of all the automation behind it.

Is a quick and painless, “easy-in” marketing funnel that gets leads onto your list immediately, and money into your pocket.

Go ahead and check out my video review on the Lead Skimmer above.

Check Out Lead Skimmer Here