monetize Your List The Right Way..

Hello Again,

Today I would like to discuss about a List Monetizing Strategy..

Obviously you must have some subscribers to do this..

I think you already know that when we have a list we can
send them offers.

Sending affiliate offers is the easiest way to monetize
your list..

However one of my most favorite method is sending product
offers that I have resell rights so that I can have 100%

The Pro using resell right products is that you can pocket
100% profit and setup whatever price you want.

You can easily test the price to your list also you can setup
a special deal that will make your subscribers love you more..

For example, you can create an offer using a resell right
product and set a normal price but then you give a special
discount page as subscriber special offer, it will boost
conversion rate and also will increase subscriber’s loyalty.

The problem is that with resell rights you have some competition
since the product is not unique and other marketers will also
have the same resell right products like yours.

My strategy is that I use templates to make over the sales letter
although i will still use the same letter but i put the letter
into a new template that will make the offer different than any

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That’s all for today..

Until next tips..

Craig Caron