New SEO Rules And Techniques

New Seo RulesIt fascinates me how many people still do not accept the new SEO rules and are still trying to do the same steps they did a few years back.

* They spend a huge amount of time analyzing backlinks of their competition.

* They invest money on software that analyze backlinks of the competition on the first page of Google.
* They invest money on backlinking packages without knowing how to use them.
* They buy SEO courses that are based on gimmicks and tricks to fool search engines.

In 2010, the biggest HIT was .org exact match domains. Everybody talked about it and it was so simple to rank websites with it (and I did extremely well with it, too).

All you had to do was to find the domain, get some articles, put SEnuke X, xRummer or ScrapeBox in gear, and you are done. Of course, there were a few other tools and steps for doing this, but these two were the main ones.

You see, this is the old way of ranking your website on Google.

So, if you still follow this formula, stop it right now. You will lose. You need to apply the new seo rules

If you are starting an online business right now, you are LUCKY. Really!

This is the best time to start it because you will learn the new game of marketing that will lead to extraordinary results in the future.

What you are learning right now will work three to five years from now (just as long as you do not spoil yourself by learning the SEO formula from 2010).

You see, Google understands that they are going to lose the number one search engine status in the world if they will keep up with old and traditional SEO formulas for ranking websites.

Think about it.

How many different search engines do we have right now?
* Twitter
* Facebook
* YouTube
* StumbleUpon
* Digg
* and dozens of others.

Next time, when you need to find something, try to do the search on Twitter.

You will be amazed how many relevant results you can get there. Try it now!

So, by understanding the expansion of social media, Google needed to make a huge shift. And they did it by introducing the Panda update.

Now, the Google Panda update is not something that happened back in February 23, 2011. It consists of sequential parts that will lead to the following (are you ready for the next BOLD statement?):

So, How Does This Affect Your Business?

Well, Google’s social media shift has a huge impact on your business right now, and this impact will continue to grow throughout 2012 and beyond.

If you want to get traffic to your websites and get ranked on Google, you need to stop focusing on backlinks as backlinks and apply the new seo rules to your site.

You see, when backlinks were introduced as a metric to improve search engine rankings, it was meant to be as a vote for your website.

Instead, it became a perfect means for manipulating and fooling search engines.
You can use spam comments, dead forum profile links, .edu sites and other tactics to fake those votes and get your website to the top.

Today it becomes different.

In reality, the backlink that doesn’t drive real human traffic or is not relevant to your website topic will not stick.

It means that even if you get the backlink indexed on Google today, it will be gone within 30-45 days. So, if you continue to build backlinks in old school style, you will always fight against the terms of this business.

(This is the reason why most people can never achieve top rankings in Google. They just spin wheels all the time.)

In the end of the day, the ROI of your business will just not be there and the only people who will continue to make money are SEO guys and link building service providers.

(I have said this before, but let me point it out again: If SEO gurus and backlink service providers are so good in ranking websites on Google, why the hell do they need to provide services to other companies when they could just rank their own websites and make millions from affiliate commissions? It just doesn’t make sense. Think about it.)