Shut The **** Up And Listen

Do you remember back in school when you would be sitting in class and you were really concentrating on what the teacher was trying to say and then you had that annoying kid that just wouldn’t shut the Hell up.

That kid would just ask question after question.

Well that really gets under my skin.

Can you imagine how that teacher feels. They are trying to teach something and all you do is annoy that teacher..

For those of you that like to talk over everyone when there talking.


How can you learn anything if you are the one talking.

This just isn’t annoying for the person teaching but it is also annoying for the others trying to learn.

If the teacher is in a groove and really deep in a conversation and then all of a sudden BAM.

You get interrupted. You lose concentration, you lose focus and then you just lose what you were talking about all together.

Your not hurting anyone but yourself and the people that are trying to learn around you.

Be respectful and let them teach. Yiu can always ask questions after.

My final thought.

Shut The **** Up

You get my meaning.