Speedy List Building Exposed!

List Building Flow ChartThis is actually a simple but affective method to really build a fast list.

so what you can do is write quality reports and give them away free to people.

here’s how it works.

you start off by writing a short twenty page report offering a solution to a problem that people face in your target market.

Essentially you want to create a bunch of reports and give them away for free as an incentive for people signing up to your list.

Then give away your reports everywhere you can think of.

You also want to create a website based on what your reports are about and set up a squeeze page on that site.

Make sure you name your site to match the titles of your reports.

You can write your reports on different aspects, such as:

Tips & Tactics
Mind Maps
Stories and real life history
Step by step tutorials

I feel step by step tutorials work the best.

Then you need to get traffic to the report quickly.

You can start off by writing articles relating to your report and submitting them to the ezines.

Here are some places to submit your article.


Post comments on forums that are related to your short reports.

Put the link to your squeeze page in you signature file.

Make sure your forum posts are of value so other readers will find your post as having valuable information and in turn check out your links and sign up for your offer.

You can sign up for jv giveaways and give your book away for free.

You can find new JV Giveaway launches here.

Some of these sites are worth upgrading in so you can get your free gift on the front page and in turn get more signups.

You can do adswaps and swap ads with people.

Basically an adswap is a place where you can find a partner with a list around your size and swap ads.

You and your partner both send out each others ad and in turn builds your partners list and your own.

I recommend setting up at least 1 a week so not to devalue your list.

Heres a real cool method.

You can give your report away for free on the warrior forum.

The Warrior Forum is the largest internet marketing forum on the internet and caters to over 225,000 members and having over 5000-8000 people on the forum viewing posts at a 1 time. That’s not including how many people who view these forum who don’t have a membership.

To give away your report on the forum they have a section called the Warrior Special Offer section.

This is where other marketers give away there products at a special deal or give it away for free just to give back to the forum for all its awesomeness and useful info.

Or just to build their list.

Basically when giving away a report, you want to create a post in the Warrior Special Offer section but want to create it more into an ad giving away the benefits of your free report.

The you are prompt to pay $20

This could build your list withing a few days into the 100’s

I recall getting 287 sign ups on one report.

Your squeeze page to the report needs to be targeted in order to convert well.

Even if you only got 50 subscribers. The 20 dollars would still be worth it.

There are tons of other methods but these work the fastest and can really build you a super speedy list in record time.

Building a list is essential for any business owner. This is one of the most important aspects for the simple reason you need to build a customer base so you can send them special offers and grow your main business.

By creating value and connecting with your list you can make an expotential amount of cash every month.