It is a well known fact that the money is in the list. Okay, so how do we go about building a list?

There are a couple things that you can start implementing almost immediately. One of those things is adding video to your squeeze page. By adding video you can create an incentive for your readers. For example, provide your readers with one free video of a series of videos.

Next you will inform them that the rest of the video series will be available once they enter their e-mail. This is a win win situation for both parties. You are providing your readers with valuable content while at the same time growing your list.

Another good way to grow the size of your list, is by providing a free bonus offer. This offer can be anything from an e-book, to software that you have the rights to.

Similar to the video example, you will want to capitalize on the benefits of the e-book or software. Do not give it away just yet though. Inform your readers that they will have access to the e-book or software immediately after submitting their e-mail address.

As you can see, the above methods can work wonders for increasing the size of your list. One thing to keep in mind is that you must deliver on what you promised.

By building a list you are creating return customers. These kinds of customers are vital for the long term success of any business. Get to it, build your list.

Article Source : Sure Fire Techniques To Increase The Size Of Your List : ArticleBase

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Hello Again,

Today I would like to discuss about a List Monetizing Strategy..

Obviously you must have some subscribers to do this..

I think you already know that when we have a list we can
send them offers.

Sending affiliate offers is the easiest way to monetize
your list..

However one of my most favorite method is sending product
offers that I have resell rights so that I can have 100%

The Pro using resell right products is that you can pocket
100% profit and setup whatever price you want.

You can easily test the price to your list also you can setup
a special deal that will make your subscribers love you more..

For example, you can create an offer using a resell right
product and set a normal price but then you give a special
discount page as subscriber special offer, it will boost
conversion rate and also will increase subscriber’s loyalty.

The problem is that with resell rights you have some competition
since the product is not unique and other marketers will also
have the same resell right products like yours.

My strategy is that I use templates to make over the sales letter
although i will still use the same letter but i put the letter
into a new template that will make the offer different than any

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That’s all for today..

Until next tips..

Craig Caron

Hello Everyone

Unlike grocery lists or spare parts lists, in the marketing sense of the term, a ‘list’ refers to a list of customers. More specifically, in regards to internet marketing, it refers to a list of emails through which potential customers can be contacted.

If you’ve ever faced a situation where you needed to enter your details (especially your email) before you download something, then chances are that you are, or have been, part of a someone else’s list.

Even large companies that are already very established use email lists of their own to keep track of their customers, and alert them to new developments, offers, and so forth. Of course, this ties in to yet another question at hand…
Why Build and Use a List?

Commonly, not having a list is said to be ‘leaving money on the table’, and that much is certainly true.

Take the example of a conventional clothes store. Customers come, browse around, maybe buy something, and then leave. Once they’ve left, the store has no way of getting in touch with them, and maybe convincing them to come back again.

On the other hand, if the store had their contact details, they could notify them when they have a new stock of clothes on the rack, or special discounts, and so on. By doing so, the customer would then feel compelled to perhaps come back, or at very least would consider doing so.

Similarly, in whatever niche that you’re into, if you had a list of previous customers then whenever you have a new product, or some other offer, you’d just be able to shoot out emails and see if anyone is interested. Simple as it sounds, this is amazingly effective.

Think about it in terms of figures, if that helps. Let’s say you have an 8,000 strong list, and you send out an email regarding your latest product that costs $20. Even if only 10% of your list buys your product, that is 800 instant customers and you would have made $16,000.

To sum it up, the reason to build and use a list is to establish a firm base of regular customers to which you can market your products and offers too with great ease.

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