Visalus Rep Marie Bennett And David Burke Scam Zeek Affiliates

As you know Zeek Rewards went through some legal issues on the way the company was being run and voluntarily shut down so the NC Attorney Generals office and the SEC could further their investigations.

I won’t be going into details since you can read about it eveywhere right now.

If you want more information just go here.

What my gripe is today though is the people who are taking advantage of these poor people who have lost money and their livelyhood when Zeek Rewards shut down.

So let’s get into it.

I recieved an email today about an emergency webinar update about the future of Zeek and was told it was being hosted by Marie Bennett and Dave Burke who was being tossed around as being Paul Burks brother. (Owner Of Zeek Rewards)

This was false.

Matter of fact it was a total scam.

I get on the webinar to listen to this Marie Bennett and Dave Burke who is some radio dj who runs Real Talk Network.

The webinar starts off with them basically talking about Zeek and how their hearts go out to everyone who signed up to Zeek and lost money.

That was about 2 minutes..

Then Marie Bennett went straight to pitching, get this. She started pitching another company called Visalis which was a pitch for some Body By Vi crap.

I couldn’t believe this. I mean all these people lost all this money and here is this lady, Marie Bennett and gentleman Dave Burke sitting here taking advantage of these poor people including myself.

The kicker was there discussing how they should be careful what they join as to not get scammed like they did in Zeek.

Well after some investigation, I found this Dave Burke guy has had several complaints on him over at

You can read it here.

This kind of thing really pisses me off. What kind of person are you to take advantage of people who just lost money in one business but they have no problem telling them to invest in theirs.

Rotten Scoundrells is what they are.

So my point here folks is please be careful on what you join. If you join a company please investigate the company and the person bringing you in.

So here are some tips on what to look for when finding a good company.

Take a look at the company and do a very thorough check on what the comapnay has to offer,products services and where the owners of the company have been.

Look for complaints and other issues the company might have or might be undergoing at the time.

How long has the company been around. 5 years should be a minimum that a company should be around before joining.

Look to see if the company is in compliance with the law.

Here are a few tips when looking for a good sponsor.

->A good up-line must be able to objectively see the strengths and weaknesses of his down-lines.
->A good up-line can take a new persons strengths and magnify them by channeling them into proper action.
->A good up-line can motivate his down-lines to work on their weaknesses without breaking their spirit, and promoting gradual success.
->A good up-line is never afraid to say “I don’t know, but I’ll find out and get back with you.”
->A good up-line has invested the time honing his skills, so he transfer them to his down-lines as needed.
->A good up-line is everything to everybody in his organization.
->A good up-line is a good student for himself and his people.
->A good up-line is more interested on the prospects chance of success, that in one more warm body on his roster of recruits.
->A good up-line leads by example.
->A good up-line grooms you so you can stand on your own two feet, and not depend on them for your success.

For those of you who are looking for a good company please investigate thoroughly before joining and remember this.

A company might seem to be legit but just like going to a casino you are still taking a risk in losing money so just go in with caution and make sure you know trust and like the person you go in under.