xsky review

I am totally disgusted with this new xsky software and it’s claims of it being a great tool for marketing.

If you like spamming people I guess using xsky would be great but the owner of the program Todd Hirsch AKA – Todd Hershey Squirt has really showed me how ignorant he really is.

About a month ago I started receiving a ton of spam on my skype from this next xsky software and it was really annoying the crap out of me with the same message being sent to me one after another.

My friend Dave decided to contact Skype about the problem and here is what Skype told him.

They said it was against their terms and was to be reported as spam and reported as abuse too.

So I wrote a post on the warrior forum about it and of course Todd saw the post and decided he was going to bark back.

He did it in such an unprofessional way that it really just made him look really bad.

See Todd was a member of a company I run called Family Networker. Todd got kicked out for spamming other members which is something we don’t allow. Obviously he got mad.

The nature of the post was more of a warning to others that are getting the same messages I was getting and to top it off Todd brought all his xsky members to come in and sign up with new accounts on the forum just to back him up.

None the less it really didn’t work except made him look like a total goof ball. He was very unprofessional about the situation.

Xsky makes some really big claims that it is much better than email marketing. Wow that’s a big claim. I guess if your spamming people it could work but where does the permission marketing come in at.

Then they told me it is not spam because they are not sending links out. I don’t think they have any clue what spam really is. So lets refresh what spam is.

Spam: Spam is flooding the Internet with many copies of the same message, in an attempt to force the message on people who would not otherwise choose to receive it.Most spam is commercial advertising, often for dubious products, get-rich-quick schemes, or quasi-legal services. Spam is any message sending to multiple users for a sole purpose of selling.

Then he tells me that I must be a spammer because I build a list of subscribers.

Here is the difference. People opt-in to my offer which gives me permission to email them.

That is not spam. The subscriber is giving you permission once they have opted in. They also have the option to unsubscribe at anytime they wish to not receive anymore messages from me.

Xsky claims you can opt-out but even when you do you still get messages from that person. So opting out is useless.

Then today I get an email from Todd Hirsch. Showing his professionalism again. Just because I made an opinion on a forum.

From: thecherryman (AT) gmail (dot) com

Have you seen the new xSky Software? I heard you really like it! I have made so much more online now with Skype then with my Email marketing. Maybe you can actually help your “family networkers” and buy them all xSky… Have a wonderful day my “friend”. Also.. what goes around comes around… and you have some bad karma coming… just a heads up….

Wow what a professional thing to say from the owner of Xsky

My conclusion is how long do you think such a professional company is going to stay around.

Since Microsoft is taking over Skype and they have plans on making Skype a paid software. probably not long. Most likely Xsky will no longer be.

Maybe then they will actually think about email marketing.

We put a petition together and talked to a bunch of my friends over on the warrior forum. So far we have gathered 126 complaints on the xsky software.

My goal is not to ruin the company at all but like Todd says what comes around goes around and some of the members I have seen that are associated with xsky have also been associated with black hat techniques along with spamming others as well.

Here is the solution if you are getting spam from this xsky software. Block them, report them and delete.

Hope this helps
Craig Caron


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So here is more proof even after asking to be taken off xskys contact list they are still being sent. So opting out is not an option at all.

Look what happened to my good friend Joseph after xsky’s suggestion of just asking people to take you off their contact list. So does it work. I think not.