David Cronenberg:

Exhibition title wall and hologram for
limited edition box set

Exhibition title wall and hologram for
limited edition box set

Exhibition identity created and developed by Liz MacInnis

David Cronenberg: Evolution is an internationally touring exhibition exploring the director's career. The show has been mounted in Italy, The Netherlands, Prague, Poland, and this wall was originally developed for the inaugural staging of the exhibition in Toronto

The title wall of an exhibition serves the dual purposes of acting as the doorway to the show, and quite often as a photo opportunity for patrons.

Derived from the incredible advertising campaign created by my colleague Liz MacInnis, for the exhibition, attendees were welcomed by an photo of the director, which as guests approached, slowly transitioned into the face of a "Mugwump" creature from his film Naked Lunch.

Images © Volumina

The effect was created using a lenticular print, which utilized a specialized lens overtop several interlaced images to allow viewers to see different stages of the transformation depending on their viewing angle.

We also utilized the graphic for a limited edition box set of 2 books about the exhibition published by Volumina.