Grace Kelly: From Movie Star to Princess

Mock-newspaper vinyl building wrap with inset video elements of 1950s newsreel footage


For the November 2011 launch of TIFF's Grace Kelly: From Movie Star to Princess exhibition, we wanted to use the building’s exterior signage to engage street level passersby in a dynamic fashion.

The climax of the exhibition centred on the marriage between Kelly and Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, and my aim was to capture some of the frenzy and hype surrounding their nuptials. Newspapers of the day were inflated with stories of the couple in the spring of 1956, and I decided this was a perfect vehicle to convey the significance of their wedding to casual observers.

With the aid of TIFF’s editorial staff, we composed nearly 30 original articles, bespoke ads and movie listings. All of which went into five full-page layouts for the previously non-existent Toronto Daily Herald, whose sole issue would exist only as a nine-foot tall vinyl decal, installed on the exterior windows o TIFF Bell Lightbox.

In place of many of the Herald’s photographs, we die cut holes in the vinyl, revealing nine screens mounted within an atrium on the opposite side of the glass. Each screen played one of three 5-to-10 second edits of 1950s newsreel footage, which played on a nonstop loop for the duration of the exhibition.

For a sense of how the print and video elements interacted, click below to view an enlarged portion of the final layout.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.