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Album artwork

Role: Graphic Designer, Photographer

This project began its life as a some spec work for London-based events company Secret Cinema.


The brief was to create various pieces of promotional artwork for a hypothetical screening of Hook (a 1991 Steven Spielberg movie about an adult Peter Pan returning to Neverland).

Secret Cinema creates immersive film experiences based on beloved films (think Casablanca screened in a 1940s cocktail bar or The Shawshank Redemption in a prison).

"Prunatic" album cover by Prune Tracy

At the time Secret Cinema did not use film stills or movie posters to promote their events.


Instead, they created new, original artwork utilizing quotes, or iconography that might reference the film (in this case things like baseballs, pirates, London terraced houses).



I knew right away I wanted to create something based on the most memorable scene in the film (at least to me): the epic food fight of colourful imaginary food.

I recreated the food using food dye and shaving cream. I then had a grand time throwing the food at a white surface and photographing the resulting mayhem.

Sadly, after a couple hours of this, I realised I had misread the brief (it happens), and had to abandon this fun.


For anyone curious, here are some examples of what I ultimately submitted for the project:

Sample idea for "Hook" at Secret Cinema
Sample idea for "Hook" at Secret Cinema
Prune Tracy - Prunatic album cover

A few months later I shared a few of the 'food fight' photos on Instagram, just to give them some time in the sun.


Shortly afterward I was approached by Toronto musician Brayden Szostak about utilising a few of the photos for the cover a new album of instrumentals he was releasing under the moniker "Prune Tracy"


You can check out the album, Prunatic, on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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