Something Different.jpg

Something Different

A poster for the classic Czech film


I had seen Věra Chytilová's most famous feature Daisies, which, like most people, I loved. But when I caught her earlier film Something Different on streaming-service MUBI one afternoon, I felt compelled to create some sort of tribute.

The film follows two unrconnected stories — one about a bored housewife, and another following real-life gymnast Eva Bosáková. I couldn't stop thinking about the film for weeks afterward, and decided to channel that into a poster.

I wanted the image of the gymnast to look as if it was cut-out by hand, which is an effect that never quite works (for me) when done digitally. This version is a rough draft of a version I intended to make by hand. (The plan was to print and cut out 4 images of Bosáková,  which I would then re-scan.)


Like many personal design projects, other freelance obligations got in the way, though I may some day decide to finish this properly.