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Mural design for film festival lounge


One thing I have always loved about large-format design is the opportunities it provides to actually see people interact with your work. It's one of the rare times when designers have a chance to literally turn heads.  I've rarely been so pleased as when I was started seeing photos on social media of legendary director Agnès Varda interacting with a mural of her that I had created.

For TIFF 2016, we took Artscape Sandbox, a then-new performance and event venue and converted it into a drop-in lounge for filmmakers. Dubbed VARDA, after Agnès Varda, the only female director in the very masculine French New Wave, the space also played host to a dinner feting the filmmaker.

As part of the site branding I developed for the space, I created a large vinyl mural of Ms Varda which covered the bulk of one of the space's walls. The mural was relatively simple — a candid photo by Cameron Bailey digitally transformed into a watercolour and printed to a vinyl decal — but when placed in the context of the space, it was quite fitting to the overall interior design.

All photographs courtesy Connie Tsang Photography

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