Salut les cubains & You've Got Beautiful Stairs, You Know.

Poster for two short films by Agnès Varda


Both of these posters were created for an article entitled The Affiches of Agnès, a long-form look at the director's posters for FilmArt, the regular column I used to write for

Despite Varda's popularity, I was at first shocked to discover that, unlike many of her nouvelle vague contemporaries, her films had not inspired many modern or fan posters — though in retrospect, the masculinist bias of so much fan culture makes this much less surprising. (Though the article did include a number of exceptions that prove the rule.) 

And so, as the capstone on the article,  I created posters for Agnès Varda’s short 1963 ode to revolutionary Cuba, Salut les cubains, and her 1986 tribute to the Cinémathèque française, You've Got Beautiful Stairs, You Know.

Salut La Cubains (Agnès Varda, 1963)
You've Got Beautiful Stairs, You Know (Agnès Varda, 1963)