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Ante mis ojos (2018) digital poster

Ante mis ojos

Poster and title design for experimental documentary short.

Role: Graphic Designer, Title Designer

This project is part of an ongoing, multi year working relationship with filmmakers Lina Rodriguez and Brad Deane, and their production company, Rayon Verde. Jump to the bottom to explore other projects from this collaboration.

After a successful collaboration on her previous films (Señoritas and This Time Tomorrow), director Lina Rodriguez came to me in 2018 to begin work on the marketing materials and title design for new film — a documentary short, entitled Ante mis ojos (Before My Eyes).

Given that the 7-minute film is an experimental, dialogue-free, grainy Super 8 look at Colombia's mythic Lake Guatavita, we knew early on that we were not going to produce a comprehensive marketing campaign, but still needed to create a few assets for places like Twitter, Instagram and IMDB.

When developing the concept I quickly settled on a still and a layout for these materials, but struggled to find a balance of grain and colour that might capture the magic of the film itself.

The credits for Senoritas and This Time Tomorrow were both shot on film, but for Ante mis ojos, we briefly flirted with the idea of creating the credits digitally. I created a few test runs for the credits in Adobe After Effects, hoping to capture the look of the film, but none of them were quite successful. Eventually, the final credits were shot on the same stock as the film.


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