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Mañana a esta hora (This Time Tomorrow) one-sheet poster

Mañana a esta hora
(This Time Tomorrow)

Graphic design for 2016 independent feature film

Role: Graphic Designer, Title Designer

This project is part of an ongoing, multi year working relationship with filmmakers Lina Rodriguez and Brad Deane, and their production company, Rayon Verde. Jump to the bottom to explore other projects from this collaboration.

After a successful collaboration on the poster for Señoritas in 2013, 

when Rodriguez completed filming her second feature, Mañana a esta hora (This Time Tomorrow), she once again asked me to work with her and Deane on the film's design.

Mañana a esta hora is an intimate portrait of a family’s everyday life before and after a tragic incident. The film is designed around a constant tension between presence and absence, and I could not have asked for a better thematic jump-off for the film's design.

By representing the film's theme of impermanence through the interplay of negative and positive space, the poster evokes Mañana a esta hora's melancholic atmosphere, its ghostly qualities, and — hopefully — its beauty.

In my view, Rodriguez's work shares formal qualities with certain independent films of the 1970s, and as a nod to that the image was completed with a halftone pattern, evoking the duotone posters of that decade.

Mañana a esta hora

For Mañana a esta hora, in addition to the key art for marketing materials our collaboration extended into designing the opening and closing credits — a graphic system that was carried over into the trailers for the film.

Rayon Vert
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