As you might know, Facebook groups and fanpages are a great way to get super targeted facebook leads and connect with some great people.

The problem is, that it can be hard for most to find the right groups and fanpages to engage with these people who will eventually become a lead.

There are alot of people in these groups and fanpages on FB that just want to spew their links down your throat and everyone and their brother seems to be competing with each other by posting their links on top of each other.

So engagement in the these facebook groups can be hard to maintain.

What I decided to do was create a video on how I find and engage the good facebook groups, and when done the right way, you can really blow it out the water.

I will even show you live examples of people I connected with and show you how to get people asking you for more information about your opportunities.

If you have any question or just want to leave a comment please do so below.


Email Marketing TipsIf you want to learn what it takes to become successful with a subject like email marketing, then the tips from this post are going to help you a lot. You want to read through this article with care and see what tips from it, you can use to help to market your site or sites.

If you are going to incorporate graphics into your e-mails, you should make certain that the e-mails are still readable if the recipient chooses not to display those graphics. A great way to do this is to utilize ALT tags so that replacement text will be displayed when the images cannot be displayed. It might also be a good idea to place the bulk of your images near the bottom of the e-mail.

Let readers know what to expect. When they sign up to receive emails from you, customers should be told how often they will receive emails, as well as a general idea of what the emails will contain. This makes people feel better about signing up, which means they will likely read and respond to your emails.

Getting permission to send emails is not difficult to get. You can use discounts, coupons, special offers and even flyers given out in trade shows to get customers interested enough to receive your emails. They can sign up on your website among other methods. By being friendly and offering a good incentive to sign up, customers may even give you access to personal information and their personal preferences.

Use auto responding messages to your advantage in your email marketing campaign. These can help you stay in touch with your recipients. They can be effective if your subscribers sign up for emails about various things you offer. You can tailor these to correspond with the information they signed up for. It also allows you an easier way to stay in touch.

Be Straight forward with your recipients about what they will be receiving. When someone opts to receive e-mail from you, make sure they know what they’re agreeing to. Keep information easily visible about what they will be receiving in these e-mails and how often these e-mail will arrive in their inbox.

Choose appropriate but useful fonts for your messages. Try and select a font family that accomplishes two things. It should reflect your niche or industry, as well as the tone of your content. It should also be a universal category of fonts that will work on all computers and email devices.

Always make sure customers have a clear and concise way to opt out of emails at any time. They signed up with you because they wanted more information, and if at any time they wish to stop receiving that information, they should be able to opt out. It is only fair.

You should now start to feel more confident when it comes to seeing success with your site or sites. You want to be sure that you apply all the knowledge you gained today with confidence because when you do that you have fun and just become successful with ease as your progress.





As you know Zeek Rewards went through some legal issues on the way the company was being run and voluntarily shut down so the NC Attorney Generals office and the SEC could further their investigations.

I won’t be going into details since you can read about it eveywhere right now.

If you want more information just go here.

What my gripe is today though is the people who are taking advantage of these poor people who have lost money and their livelyhood when Zeek Rewards shut down.

So let’s get into it.

I recieved an email today about an emergency webinar update about the future of Zeek and was told it was being hosted by Marie Bennett and Dave Burke who was being tossed around as being Paul Burks brother. (Owner Of Zeek Rewards)

This was false.

Matter of fact it was a total scam.

I get on the webinar to listen to this Marie Bennett and Dave Burke who is some radio dj who runs Real Talk Network.

The webinar starts off with them basically talking about Zeek and how their hearts go out to everyone who signed up to Zeek and lost money.

That was about 2 minutes..

Then Marie Bennett went straight to pitching, get this. She started pitching another company called Visalis which was a pitch for some Body By Vi crap.

I couldn’t believe this. I mean all these people lost all this money and here is this lady, Marie Bennett and gentleman Dave Burke sitting here taking advantage of these poor people including myself.

The kicker was there discussing how they should be careful what they join as to not get scammed like they did in Zeek.

Well after some investigation, I found this Dave Burke guy has had several complaints on him over at

You can read it here.

This kind of thing really pisses me off. What kind of person are you to take advantage of people who just lost money in one business but they have no problem telling them to invest in theirs.

Rotten Scoundrells is what they are.

So my point here folks is please be careful on what you join. If you join a company please investigate the company and the person bringing you in.

So here are some tips on what to look for when finding a good company.

Take a look at the company and do a very thorough check on what the comapnay has to offer,products services and where the owners of the company have been.

Look for complaints and other issues the company might have or might be undergoing at the time.

How long has the company been around. 5 years should be a minimum that a company should be around before joining.

Look to see if the company is in compliance with the law.

Here are a few tips when looking for a good sponsor.

->A good up-line must be able to objectively see the strengths and weaknesses of his down-lines.
->A good up-line can take a new persons strengths and magnify them by channeling them into proper action.
->A good up-line can motivate his down-lines to work on their weaknesses without breaking their spirit, and promoting gradual success.
->A good up-line is never afraid to say “I don’t know, but I’ll find out and get back with you.”
->A good up-line has invested the time honing his skills, so he transfer them to his down-lines as needed.
->A good up-line is everything to everybody in his organization.
->A good up-line is a good student for himself and his people.
->A good up-line is more interested on the prospects chance of success, that in one more warm body on his roster of recruits.
->A good up-line leads by example.
->A good up-line grooms you so you can stand on your own two feet, and not depend on them for your success.

For those of you who are looking for a good company please investigate thoroughly before joining and remember this.

A company might seem to be legit but just like going to a casino you are still taking a risk in losing money so just go in with caution and make sure you know trust and like the person you go in under.

New Seo RulesIt fascinates me how many people still do not accept the new SEO rules and are still trying to do the same steps they did a few years back.

* They spend a huge amount of time analyzing backlinks of their competition.

* They invest money on software that analyze backlinks of the competition on the first page of Google.
* They invest money on backlinking packages without knowing how to use them.
* They buy SEO courses that are based on gimmicks and tricks to fool search engines.

In 2010, the biggest HIT was .org exact match domains. Everybody talked about it and it was so simple to rank websites with it (and I did extremely well with it, too).

All you had to do was to find the domain, get some articles, put SEnuke X, xRummer or ScrapeBox in gear, and you are done. Of course, there were a few other tools and steps for doing this, but these two were the main ones.

You see, this is the old way of ranking your website on Google.

So, if you still follow this formula, stop it right now. You will lose. You need to apply the new seo rules

If you are starting an online business right now, you are LUCKY. Really!

This is the best time to start it because you will learn the new game of marketing that will lead to extraordinary results in the future.

What you are learning right now will work three to five years from now (just as long as you do not spoil yourself by learning the SEO formula from 2010).

You see, Google understands that they are going to lose the number one search engine status in the world if they will keep up with old and traditional SEO formulas for ranking websites.

Think about it.

How many different search engines do we have right now?
* Twitter
* Facebook
* YouTube
* StumbleUpon
* Digg
* and dozens of others.

Next time, when you need to find something, try to do the search on Twitter.

You will be amazed how many relevant results you can get there. Try it now!

So, by understanding the expansion of social media, Google needed to make a huge shift. And they did it by introducing the Panda update.

Now, the Google Panda update is not something that happened back in February 23, 2011. It consists of sequential parts that will lead to the following (are you ready for the next BOLD statement?):

So, How Does This Affect Your Business?

Well, Google’s social media shift has a huge impact on your business right now, and this impact will continue to grow throughout 2012 and beyond.

If you want to get traffic to your websites and get ranked on Google, you need to stop focusing on backlinks as backlinks and apply the new seo rules to your site.

You see, when backlinks were introduced as a metric to improve search engine rankings, it was meant to be as a vote for your website.

Instead, it became a perfect means for manipulating and fooling search engines.
You can use spam comments, dead forum profile links, .edu sites and other tactics to fake those votes and get your website to the top.

Today it becomes different.

In reality, the backlink that doesn’t drive real human traffic or is not relevant to your website topic will not stick.

It means that even if you get the backlink indexed on Google today, it will be gone within 30-45 days. So, if you continue to build backlinks in old school style, you will always fight against the terms of this business.

(This is the reason why most people can never achieve top rankings in Google. They just spin wheels all the time.)

In the end of the day, the ROI of your business will just not be there and the only people who will continue to make money are SEO guys and link building service providers.

(I have said this before, but let me point it out again: If SEO gurus and backlink service providers are so good in ranking websites on Google, why the hell do they need to provide services to other companies when they could just rank their own websites and make millions from affiliate commissions? It just doesn’t make sense. Think about it.)


Lead Skimmer is the newest technology outThe Lead Skimmerthere on the net right now and I was able to get a first hand look at the lead skimmer

Geoff Stephen sent me an email telling me of his new Lead Skimmer Product. I operate a number of websites & wanted to see how this new lead skimmer funnel would work. The first thing I noticed was it wont even allow you to have access to the website information until they have been run through an opt-in squeeze page and confirm your real email address. I wanted to know more. So since I was a Director member at Global NPN already I got free access to this very unique system.

So far I have put 203 leads into my lead funnel in 24 hours.

Here are some of the things the Lead Skimmer does:

Builds your list exponentially, 3X faster than you can now, with REAL opt-in quality leads.

Generates exponentially increasing income through the site, through GlobalNPN, and of course through your list that it’s building for you (at 3X the speed!)

It will build your OWN contact lists (not the company’s), supporting Aweber, Getresponse, and NPN’s MMPro contact lists.

It’s FREE to use with a complete “no brainer” upgrade option, which allows you to earn through the site OR through GlobalNPN. (ie. you either make a sale, or you get a new Director in your downline!)

As an NPN Director (or higher), you will already be qualified as a “Premium” member – no upgrade required for you :) .

Uses my own proprietary “Skim3” software which takes care of all the automation behind it.

Is a quick and painless, “easy-in” marketing funnel that gets leads onto your list immediately, and money into your pocket.

Go ahead and check out my video review on the Lead Skimmer above.

Check Out Lead Skimmer Here

In Memory Of Joseph RileyI am writing this in memory of Joseph Riley.

I know it has been quite some times since I have posted on this blog but I am getting back here soon to give you folks more of me and my teaching but I do want to bring this to your attention.

Joseph Riley Passed unexpectedly recently. He was a truly wonderful person; a beloved son, husband and father; and a treasured friend and colleague.

I did not know Joseph personally but when I heard about Joseph and his wife Abra’s story, I just had to do something to pitch in and help.

In the last few day’s, thousands of people have come together in memory to help Abra get her and her husband back to her home land.

Joseph and his wife Abra has done so much to help the community by offering small loans to people in third world countries, helping them to get their businesses off to a good start.

Like I said I did not know Joseph Riley but just being around the community and all the paople who loved Joseph, I feel like I have known him forever. Please read more of there story here:

This is a place for all of us who were lucky enough to know Joseph to share our memories and to help celebrate his life. Please if you have a heart go to the link below and do what you can to help.

Your Friend Craig


I am totally disgusted with this new xsky software and it’s claims of it being a great tool for marketing.

If you like spamming people I guess using xsky would be great but the owner of the program Todd Hirsch AKA – Todd Hershey Squirt has really showed me how ignorant he really is.

About a month ago I started receiving a ton of spam on my skype from this next xsky software and it was really annoying the crap out of me with the same message being sent to me one after another.

My friend Dave decided to contact Skype about the problem and here is what Skype told him.

They said it was against their terms and was to be reported as spam and reported as abuse too.

So I wrote a post on the warrior forum about it and of course Todd saw the post and decided he was going to bark back.

He did it in such an unprofessional way that it really just made him look really bad.

See Todd was a member of a company I run called Family Networker. Todd got kicked out for spamming other members which is something we don’t allow. Obviously he got mad.

The nature of the post was more of a warning to others that are getting the same messages I was getting and to top it off Todd brought all his xsky members to come in and sign up with new accounts on the forum just to back him up.

None the less it really didn’t work except made him look like a total goof ball. He was very unprofessional about the situation.

Xsky makes some really big claims that it is much better than email marketing. Wow that’s a big claim. I guess if your spamming people it could work but where does the permission marketing come in at.

Then they told me it is not spam because they are not sending links out. I don’t think they have any clue what spam really is. So lets refresh what spam is.

Spam: Spam is flooding the Internet with many copies of the same message, in an attempt to force the message on people who would not otherwise choose to receive it.Most spam is commercial advertising, often for dubious products, get-rich-quick schemes, or quasi-legal services. Spam is any message sending to multiple users for a sole purpose of selling.

Then he tells me that I must be a spammer because I build a list of subscribers.

Here is the difference. People opt-in to my offer which gives me permission to email them.

That is not spam. The subscriber is giving you permission once they have opted in. They also have the option to unsubscribe at anytime they wish to not receive anymore messages from me.

Xsky claims you can opt-out but even when you do you still get messages from that person. So opting out is useless.

Then today I get an email from Todd Hirsch. Showing his professionalism again. Just because I made an opinion on a forum.

From: thecherryman (AT) gmail (dot) com

Have you seen the new xSky Software? I heard you really like it! I have made so much more online now with Skype then with my Email marketing. Maybe you can actually help your “family networkers” and buy them all xSky… Have a wonderful day my “friend”. Also.. what goes around comes around… and you have some bad karma coming… just a heads up….

Wow what a professional thing to say from the owner of Xsky

My conclusion is how long do you think such a professional company is going to stay around.

Since Microsoft is taking over Skype and they have plans on making Skype a paid software. probably not long. Most likely Xsky will no longer be.

Maybe then they will actually think about email marketing.

We put a petition together and talked to a bunch of my friends over on the warrior forum. So far we have gathered 126 complaints on the xsky software.

My goal is not to ruin the company at all but like Todd says what comes around goes around and some of the members I have seen that are associated with xsky have also been associated with black hat techniques along with spamming others as well.

Here is the solution if you are getting spam from this xsky software. Block them, report them and delete.

Hope this helps
Craig Caron


Edit: Here are some other reviews on xsky

So here is more proof even after asking to be taken off xskys contact list they are still being sent. So opting out is not an option at all.

Look what happened to my good friend Joseph after xsky’s suggestion of just asking people to take you off their contact list. So does it work. I think not.

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=MBu7tvMhZ_U width=640 height=480 anchor=]

Here’s a video i put together showing you the 5 internet marketing mistakes most new marketers make when starting a new business online.

The good and bad thing about starting an online business is that is costs very little.

It’s OK to make mistakes as long as you learn lessons from them. As you learn from your mistakes, you will make them less frequently. But you will continue to make them.
Nobody’s perfect all the time.

The links below are the recommended sources i recommend in the video above:

Free Internet Marketing Training

Get The Right Tools For Your Business Here

what is affiliate marketing and how does it work

what is affiliate marketing and how does it work

So what is affiliate marketing and how does it work.

Affiliate Marketing is a method of promoting a product or service in which an affiliate is then rewarded for every website visitor, subscriber, customer and/or sale provided via their efforts to the actual business selling the product or service.

The compensation or commission that an affiliate receives may be based on a certain value for every exposure, visit (pay per click), new client (pay per lead), sale which is usually a percentage of the item sold (pay per sale or revenue share) or it may be a combination of any of these.

Many companies like to use affiliate marketing mainly because they do not incur any kind of marketing costs unless of course the desired result is realized.

There are also some e-commerce sites around right now which often run their own affiliate programs, while others use 3 rd party providers. These provide intermediaries who will track visitors or sales which are referred to them via their different affiliates.

There are numerous companies online today whom owe much of their growth and success to the use of affiliate marketing. It has been especially successful for small and midsize businesses on the internet.

We have now seen what affiliate marketing is, now let us glimpse at a number of reasons as why this can be a great type of online business to set up.

No Development Costs

With a good affiliate program, production expenses are no longer a issue as the product has been developed and proven to be good. Best of all, this has all come out of the merchant’s accounts and not yours.

Do not need a lot of money to set up.

All anyone will require is a desk, laptop or computer, internet connection in addition to word processing software in order to get going.

Costs Involved

Generally it is usually totally free to join an affiliate program, and most the set up costs and shipment costs will be met by the particular merchant whose products you are advertising. Plus, as you do not need anywhere to store goods, this is actually another reason for joining an affiliate program.


There are usually 1000’s of products and services that a person can choose from. So finding the correct products for possibly a site you have currently or maybe one in which you are planning to create is immense.

No need to have a Merchants Account

This can certainly be a time consuming and pricey expense for anyone setting up a business for the very first time. Without doubt, it is even more so where an online business is concerned. However, as an affiliate marketer, the merchant you are selling the product or service for will carry all costs, as well as handle the processing of all payments. So you never have to be concerned about any possible charge backs, fraudulent purchases or losing your own merchant account completely as an affiliate. Plus, no longer will you be worried with collecting and storing names and addresses of customers along with their credit card information, as this will be all done by the merchant who you are affiliated to.

Hope this helps you understand affiliate marketing.

So here is how it goes down. Here are some customer relationship marketing tips you can use in your own business.

First off when creating relationships, you need to be yourself and share the passion you have for your business with the people you work with.

Share your energy and your drive, and you will see a big difference in the passion and drive you get back from those you are close to in your business.

as soon as you put yourself out there and you explain to people
what you’re about in your business, and the key reason why you’re there, and how you desire to help, and what the value genuinely is in what you’re doing, they really pick up on it, and they boost their
activity, and they really do go out and duplicate.

In other words you need to create an attractive character. This is essential so people will listen to you and take your advice.

Take your excitement and share it with others. Share what you learn and know and make it fun.

Another major part is don’t be too scared to get personal with others. Treat them as your friends and buddies because essentially that’s what friends do. They listen to each others stories or maybe even problems. Even just to take out some time and saying hello.

If your not being yourself then your just not being real with you or others.

Growing relationships in your business brings stability and every business needs to stand on a trustworthy and flowing foundation.

Hope you enjoyed these customer relationship marketing tips. They work as long as you practice them.

A Simple Guide To List BuildingHere is a short and simple list building guide to getting traffic to your sueeze pages and websites.

Utilizing Forums:

First you will want to choose a relevant community forum or even two or three and spend a good hour or two responding to people’s questions along with a website link to your squeeze page in your signature with a little one liner ad. It can be something as basic as the following:

Free List Building Guide Uncovers The Fastest Way To  Building A List Of Buyers –>

So long as you supply related, well written in addition to useful advice, you can very easily obtain TEN or even TWENTY click-throughs for every response you leave and with a 50% opt-in rate, that is 5 or even 10 signups for each post you do.

If you’re able to obtain FIFTY to ONE HUNDRED posts within around a few days or perhaps a week at several various, yet highly well-known forums, it is possible to quickly add 500 to 1, 000 subscribers very rapidly.

Swapping Thank You Page Ads

This can be a pretty awesome little list building guide technique that could allow you to get a stream of targeted traffic to your web site and simply will take a couple of minutes to set up.

All you need to do is a search for a different website within your specific niche market that is also giving away an offer for joining. Get in touch with the owner of the list and request that you place each other’s ads on your own ‘thank you’ page. They usually are text ads or maybe graphical if you want to do something.

That way, whenever a prospective subscriber signs up to that list, they are then presented the opportunity of obtaining an additional free gift such as the list building guide in the same niche and many of them will go for it.

Paid List Building:

This must be one of my most liked strategies. You set it up one time and it can provide an limitless, hands-off stream of targeted traffic for a really long time.

ListOpt. com

This is certainly my personal favorite ongoing paid list building guide technique due to the fact it really is automated as well as provides high quality buyers to your list.

Basically, you sign up for an account and your free report or newsletter is actually marketed to prospective buyers for you.

With this particular method, your subscriber level of quality is going to be higher than normal considering they are verified double opt-in and actively wanting to sign up for your newsletter or maybe download your free report.

Hope you enjoyed this short list building guide.

Ping web site

Get More Traffic To Your SiteThere are so many ways to get more traffic to your site, so here are some great effective ways to do this.

First off, we all know that without good quality targeted traffic we would just be wasting our time and even our money.

Most people think that, to get more traffic to your site all they have to do is to dominate a certain keyword, but if that keyword is not targeted or relevant to your site then your just wasting alot of time and eventually alot of money.

Some people even think to get more traffic to your site all they would have to do is surf traffic exchanges or join a bunch of list builders or even get involved with a bunch of safelists.

Now these places can work if you know how to work them. But mostly these places are good to build your list.

Now the quality of subscribers from traffic exchanges, safelists or even list builders might not be so great but they still work if it is done right.

So here is some easy but targeted ways to get more traffic to your site.

1. You can pull ads out of business magazines and start an adwords campaign but instead of searching for keywords, use the keywords for that ad. for instance you can use the website url in different variations for your keywords.

2. Facebook is also a great way to get more traffic to your site. Facebook actually has an app which allows you to do more targeted searches for people in your business.

3. Youtube is also a great way but if not done right, then it is a waste of time and energy.

4. Creating gigs on can also be a great way and can bring in leads to your business.

5. Find someone in your niche with a number 1 spot for a keyword and send the owner an email and do a trade. Have him put your link on his site. Alot of times they have no clue on how to market and most likely had someone else optimize their site to get that high google ranking.

Hope this gives you some ideas on how to get more traffic to your site.

increase website trafficIf your first starting out in internet marketing or even if you been doing it for a while, you know getting website traffic is one of the most difficult things for you to grasp, so i put together 7 ways to increase website traffic.

#1 Write 10 350 word keyword enriched articles around your website.

#2 Join and post a few gigs. In turn others will see your gig and get you traffic.

#3 Submit your images to Google to get that extra traffic.

#4 Set up google alerts to inform you of any new posts relating to your keywords and post on those blogs 1st to get more traffic.

#5 Post at least 5 informative comments on 5 different popular forums.

#6 Contribute a free report to a jv Giveaway to get more traffic.

#7 Have a guest blogger write an article on your blog with a link back to their blog.

Hope you enjoy these 7 ways to increase website traffic but always remember you will never get this traffic unless you go out and do them.

Wordpress plugins


So many people struggle with SEO and most
people have no clue what SEO is or even
Know how to use it.

Here are the top 5 SEO wordpress plugins
recommended by top seo marketers.

Platinum SEO Pack:
This is a great plugin and in my opinion
is better than the all in one SEO pack.This
is a more advanced plugin but it is a pretty
easy plugin to use.


Google Sitemap:
If you have a website without a XML sitemap,
it’s like driving a car without a GPS system


Related Posts:
This plugin will provide readers links to other
sections of the site that are relevant to the article
their reading.


Page Links:
This plugin is great for setting anchor text backlinks
and creates deep links to other sections.


Rss footer:
This plugin is great for backlinks. You can also use
it at the end of each RSS feed or even a post.


Hope these plugins help. Enjoy!

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=zfSrcrP-m8M width=640 height=480 anchor=]

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like to have fun nor do i want to associate with this type of crabby patty.

Why do i call them crabby patties.

Well it is simple.

Negativity brings you down and people who don’t like to have fun are either too serious or just plain and downright boring.

Creating financial independence is great and all but how can you make money without relaxing and just being a kid sometimes.

Having fun is the best energy a person can have. Its relaxing,comforting and believe it or not,it just makes you a much happier person inside.

I put together this video above to show you what i do to relax and have some fun outside my business.


entrepreneurial mindsetHaving the entrepreneur mindset can be a difficult task sometimes.

Every person has this quality implanted in their soul but it is up to that person to drag it out of them.

So what does it take to pull the entrepreneur mindset out of you.

Well, first off it starts with you and your dedication to be successful.

It also takes dedication and a willing to learn and care about other peoples financial goals.

You will also need to set up the right approach to get ahead of the race.

You will need the right knowledge to succeed in any online business.

You will also need the right planning when it comes to taking actions into your business, without that you are likely to fail in the industry.

It is also important that you take away all the negative vibes that you have and feel confident about what you are about to undergo.

Discipline is another factor such as how you manage your time in your business.

Having the right entrepreneur mindset in having an online business would make you more likely to succeed but you must still remember that it is not as easy as most people think. There is no magic red shiny button and you will have to put some effort in the end.

Just remember by creating this mindset, you will understand how online businesses run and operate.

You will be able to create financial wealth much easier and in turn be able to spend time with your family,buy the things you never thought possible of ever buying.

Most of all it will make you feel better about yourself and more confident in what you practice.

Without these main ingredients you will never ever create that entrepreneur mindset.

So think about what you want in your business and set some goals for yourself.

This has always helped me create that mindset

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=6WA0jMiOFmY width=640 height=480 anchor=]

Click Here To Get PHP Index Script

Hey Everyone

Here is a real cool trick i use to index my websites using stat sites.

This is a real easy method using a simple php script.

Check out the video above, i think it will make your life a bit easier.


List Building Flow ChartThis is actually a simple but affective method to really build a fast list.

so what you can do is write quality reports and give them away free to people.

here’s how it works.

you start off by writing a short twenty page report offering a solution to a problem that people face in your target market.

Essentially you want to create a bunch of reports and give them away for free as an incentive for people signing up to your list.

Then give away your reports everywhere you can think of.

You also want to create a website based on what your reports are about and set up a squeeze page on that site.

Make sure you name your site to match the titles of your reports.

You can write your reports on different aspects, such as:

Tips & Tactics
Mind Maps
Stories and real life history
Step by step tutorials

I feel step by step tutorials work the best.

Then you need to get traffic to the report quickly.

You can start off by writing articles relating to your report and submitting them to the ezines.

Here are some places to submit your article.

Post comments on forums that are related to your short reports.

Put the link to your squeeze page in you signature file.

Make sure your forum posts are of value so other readers will find your post as having valuable information and in turn check out your links and sign up for your offer.

You can sign up for jv giveaways and give your book away for free.

You can find new JV Giveaway launches here.

Some of these sites are worth upgrading in so you can get your free gift on the front page and in turn get more signups.

You can do adswaps and swap ads with people.

Basically an adswap is a place where you can find a partner with a list around your size and swap ads.

You and your partner both send out each others ad and in turn builds your partners list and your own.

I recommend setting up at least 1 a week so not to devalue your list.

Heres a real cool method.

You can give your report away for free on the warrior forum.

The Warrior Forum is the largest internet marketing forum on the internet and caters to over 225,000 members and having over 5000-8000 people on the forum viewing posts at a 1 time. That’s not including how many people who view these forum who don’t have a membership.

To give away your report on the forum they have a section called the Warrior Special Offer section.

This is where other marketers give away there products at a special deal or give it away for free just to give back to the forum for all its awesomeness and useful info.

Or just to build their list.

Basically when giving away a report, you want to create a post in the Warrior Special Offer section but want to create it more into an ad giving away the benefits of your free report.

The you are prompt to pay $20

This could build your list withing a few days into the 100’s

I recall getting 287 sign ups on one report.

Your squeeze page to the report needs to be targeted in order to convert well.

Even if you only got 50 subscribers. The 20 dollars would still be worth it.

There are tons of other methods but these work the fastest and can really build you a super speedy list in record time.

Building a list is essential for any business owner. This is one of the most important aspects for the simple reason you need to build a customer base so you can send them special offers and grow your main business.

By creating value and connecting with your list you can make an expotential amount of cash every month.

Dont Mind CriticismCritique me please.

Is there a difference between good criticism and bad criticism?

I don’t think so. I think it is how the person perceives it.

Your probably thinking what the heck are you talking about Craig.

Let me explain.

Most people take bad criticism as someone bashing you and just plain out being rude.

Where good criticism is someone being nice about it.

To me there both the same.

Now you want to know why, right!

Lets use an example here.

It’s hard for someone not to be mad when someone criticizes your work and tells you how crappy your work is.

Where if someone was complimenting you on your work you would be happy right.

I dont think there is a such thing as good criticism.

That would be more of a compliment don’t you think.

Getting criticism on your work is always a good thing.

No matter if there rude about it or not.

Sometimes you need someone to be blunt and honest with you or your work.

Don’t get offended. Just take it with a dose of salt and suck it in.

Just improve on it.

People call good criticism, constructive criticism but either way criticism is criticism.

Like i said before it is all on how you take it.

I like when someone bashes something i have done.

It just shows me i need to improve those things.

I take it more or less because most of the time the person criticizing me is more experienced than me and knows better.

So of course i take it well.

But for those of you that don’t take it well and lash out.

Go take a chill pill and relax. Its just criticism.

Honestly, i just thank the person and ask for there help. There more inclined to help you because you took there criticism well.

Getting leads for your business is actually not as hard as people think it is.

Once you get into the habit on a consistent basis you can bring leads into your business with ease.

This method is based off of using social media platforms.

I use Facebook to do this.

The idea is to connect with people that are related to what you do in your business then offer them some type of incentive.

I use a free training platform for people to utilize and get them into my skype group.

Once there in my skype group its very easy to get them into my main business.

The method is based on you attracting these people to you but not promoting any type of links to them at all.

Just a simple technique that will peak their interest and ask you what your doing in your business.

Here’s a step by step video i made on how i do this.


Do you remember back in school when you would be sitting in class and you were really concentrating on what the teacher was trying to say and then you had that annoying kid that just wouldn’t shut the Hell up.

That kid would just ask question after question.

Well that really gets under my skin.

Can you imagine how that teacher feels. They are trying to teach something and all you do is annoy that teacher..

For those of you that like to talk over everyone when there talking.


How can you learn anything if you are the one talking.

This just isn’t annoying for the person teaching but it is also annoying for the others trying to learn.

If the teacher is in a groove and really deep in a conversation and then all of a sudden BAM.

You get interrupted. You lose concentration, you lose focus and then you just lose what you were talking about all together.

Your not hurting anyone but yourself and the people that are trying to learn around you.

Be respectful and let them teach. Yiu can always ask questions after.

My final thought.

Shut The **** Up

You get my meaning.


Meeting New PeopleThe picture on the left is my friend Steven Pierce who i met on my vacation to Peter Island.

Steven is now part of my business and has a huge business of his own.

Acquiring people skills is not as hard as people make it out to be. It can be difficult at first but it’s all on convincing yourself that it is not hard to do.

Here’s the thing. If you can go to a gas station and casually talk to people waiting in line to pay for gas then why is it so hard for people to just casually talk to other people when relating it to building your business.

I believe it’s more of a mental block and throughout life you are trained to be nervous to talk to big crowds or even just randomly choosing someone to talk to.

Once i started observing other people talk and listened to the professionalism in their conversations, it made it easier for me to actually go out and do it myself.

Most people are just nervous because they are afraid of screwing up the conversation, so i just started to practice and learn the skills i have and the benefits of my own business.

When you know what you are talking about, it makes it so much easier to talk to people because you are more confident with yourself and with what you are talking about so it makes you feel more at ease and when you feel at ease it makes the person your talking to feel the same.

This is a key necessity when controlling a conversation.

The main thing is you want a conversation to last longer than 5 minutes.

It takes around a minute to take full control of a conversation and get that person to really focus in on what you are talking about.

So make it your goal to find things to talk about so you can keep the conversation going.

You should be able to take 5 minutes to really get to know the person and another 15-20 minutes gaining there attention onto you and your focus.

Starting off with a conversation starter will also set the pace and get the conversation going.

Here are some conversation starters you can try.

How was your summer?
How was your day?
How was your weekend?

Don’t ever ask questions like:

Are you married? Instead ask How is your family?

What do you do for a living? Instead ask How is work going?

Do you have kids? Instead ask them How is your family?

Most important. Be genuinely honest and show concern with their life.

Be that person they know they can come too if they ever need to talk to someone.


First thing you will need to set up an online business is a product or service that you provide.

Most people start a business on the knowledge and experience that they already acquire, but the one thing that you really need to do which is the most important is doing research on the companies you are not familiar with so you have a better view on them.

Make sure to study and research everything you can about particular areas of interest.

You also want to research the pro’s and con’s that it will have in relation to your major goals.

You also want to get to know your competitors. This will definitely boost your morale and confidence.

The next step is marketing your business. You need to create a web presence for yourself and your business.

You can do this by advertising,direct mail and networking, but this is all going to depend on what product or service you are selling.

Initially the best way to go about this is test different methods to sell your product and choose the best that work for you and your business.

Once you figure that out then you need an action plan or blueprint on how to reach your goals for your online business.

Have a plan that will provide you with focus, direction and momentum to keep your online business on track.

Next step is checking your local laws and regulations to make sure your business is compliant with state and federal laws.


East Coast Wings

East Coast Wings in Salisbury NC has got to be the worst restaurant to be employed with.

So here is my review for East Coast Wings

I actually loved working there the first few days, but as time went by it wasn’t so great anymore.

I really loved working with the other servers and even the cooks were great but the management had to of been the worst experience in my life.

From the time i started there was no type of direction or management at all.

Both the managers are pompous jerks.

Very rude and one of which has no personality at all.

So i came into work at East Coast Wings and i noticed my hours were cut short.

When i asked why my hours were cut the answer was, you are not fit for this job and your attitude was not fit for the job.

I was told i was to friendly with people and to professional for their standards.

Come on now, what restaurant tells you that.

So my last table of the night came in around 8:30 P.M.

A Lady and her husband ordered some wings.

The first batch was overcooked so i apologized to table and let them know i would make sure i would get them a fresh batch of wings.

I then go to the back and make sure i communicated with the expediter.

I explained the first order that went out was overcooked and needed a fresh order.

It took about 20 minutes for the second order to come out.

When they did, i brought the wings back to the table and the customers said they were still cold.

For one there is no way to check myself if the wings were even hot or not so it made me look bad because i’m the one that brought out the food.

So my conclusion is that the management has no communication and blames everyone else for there lack of management abilities.

So on that note. Please stay away from this East Coast Wings.

This place is a dump and management has no care in the world for their customers.